Traditional Bowhunters of Florida

Hello all-

I am happy to report another successful Spring Championship. The weather was unbelievably great, so was shooter turnout with 426 registered. The work party before the shoot was awesome with a lot of volunteers! I would like to thank the forty plus folks that showed up to help. Thanks to these folks for helping before, during and after the shoot; Gary Linn, Wayne Carter, Rik Davis, Ron Waiderlich, Steve Senderovitz, Andrei Zborovski, John Rollen, Don Walker, Michael Besel, George Haseltine, Emmett Pizzoferrato, Tony Romano, Brian Whitman, Bill, Casey, Wyatt and Will Green, Ron Sumner, Brent and Freida Bauer, Brenden Bauer, Kevin Gregorius, Carolyn Bailey, Jodi Finder, Grant Payton, Jeff Hester, Ray Teriela, Ron Miller, Mel Bulger, Billy Gordon, Jessica Covil, Roxy and Nathen Nettles, Cristin Bartlett, Betzaida Gonzalez, Daniel Matias, Rayvon Rodrigues, David and Janine Bielawski, Rob and Amanda Mathews and Bill and Angelia Kuhn. I will go ahead and apologize for the names I misspelled. I likely missed a few as well, sorry for that too. Your help is greatly appreciated. As usual Wayne cooked a low country boil for the workers and vendors on Thursday evening and it was phenomenal….there were absolutely no leftovers!

Everyone appeared to have a great time on the ranges and there were good turn outs for the novelty shoots. I thought it was great that the winner of Men’s Traditional was a TBOF member that has been away for eight years! I received a good number of positive comments on range set up as well as the new targets. Please keep the comments coming, good or not, we set the ranges based on shooter feedback.

The Saturday night trade blanket was a lot of fun and like last year Ron Miller and Mel Bulger did an excellent job running the show. I think it is safe to say that trade blanket attendance doubled from last year. Hopefully as word spreads it will continue to grow!

I appreciate all of you that showed up to participate. When I walk the ranges to take photos and shoot the breeze with people it makes me proud that I seized the opportunity to serve a term as president.

Take care and see y’all in August!

Bryan Finder

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