Traditional Bowhunters of Florida

Spring 2018

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. Well, the weather was great for all the TBOF events so far this year. The Canyons Charity shoot had a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy the range with the ram on the hill being the favorite. The TBOF also presented The Canyons Zip-line and Canopy Tours a plaque in appreciation of them allowing the us to use their facility. This is really an awesome venue for an archery tournament! The Zip-Lines aren’t to bad either!!! Maybe we can talk Traci into a Zip-Line bow shot?? We’ll see.

The TBOF had a booth at the Silver River Knap-in this year. We had an archery range set-up and had 2000+ people come through the range! Our volunteers were busy, but it was a FUN busy!! Just about everyone that came through the range went by the booth where we had a lot of stuff for them to see and touch from elk hides, deer hides and mounts, bear hides and mounts, boar mounts, turkey mounts and calls, and just a few bows and arrows!! These people were from 4 – 84. It was awesome! There were a lot of great exhibitions and vendors. The hatchet throwing was fairly busy and some of the knapping was phenomenal! The winner in the Friday kids raffle was Jayden Detro, she won a McKenzie Beaver target. She had never shot a bow before and hit the target all four times! Thank you Silver River Museum for allowing the TBOF to participate, and we look forward to next year’s event.

The State Championship went well with 405 registered shooters. The weather was great for all three days of the shoot. Thanks to all the range volunteers, registration volunteers and people who donated to the auction table. Your help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the ranges and had fun. Congratulations to all the winners of their classes. The volunteers who signed up were; Carolyn Faunce, Roxy and Nathan Nettles, Lynn Vaueihan, Angie Kuhn, Bryan, Jodi, Chloe and Madi Finder, Ron Waidelich, Rik Davis, Bill Barlow, Bill Tilly, Steve Pate, Doug and Seth Lutgens, Joe Creek, Andy Love, Charlie Etheredge, Tony Franklin, David Tetzlaff, Steve Jordan, Ben Butler, Rob and Amanda Mathews and Mandy Patterson. Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone. Bryan did a great job with the Trade blanket on Saturday night. Such a good job, he traded the blanket that was the centerpiece! I do believe that is a first!! The turnout was good and I heard a lot laughs during the event.

Hopefully everyone is having great spring and getting to chase some gobblers around the woods, or maybe catching up some fish. Have a fun and safe summer and I’ll see you at some of the other shoots.

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